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If you are anything like us, you have friends who are avid thrift store shoppers. Don’t they always seem to find the coolest stuff? We don’t seem to have the same luck! Thankfully, this awesome guide is here to let us know more about what to look for. Those who have the time and patience to put in the proper effort are always going to rewarded.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the following five items during your next thrift store run. They could lead to a major windfall!

1. Solid Wood Furnishings

Photo: Pixabay/klimkin

We don’t want to sound too nostalgic here but let’s face the facts: they simply don’t make furniture the way that they used to. When you find solid wood furnishings at your local thrift store, the possibilities are absolutely endless. You can paint it, restore it, or upcycle it. The prices are typically awesome and you can get a great new piece for your home or workplace without being forced to break the bank in the process.

2. All Things Sterling Silver

Photo: Pixabay/RitaE

Whether you are able to find sterling silver platters, flatware, or jewelry, there is no shortage of treasures to be found at the thrift store. If you are able to find any sterling silver items, feel free to snap them up as quickly as possible. Once the tarnish has been polished away, you are going to have a steal of a deal.

3. Vintage Pyrex

Photo: Joel Kramer via Flickr

Pyrex dishware from the past is a great find. There are plenty of people out there who will pay good money for any vintage Pyrex cookware that you come across. If the Pyrex was made anytime between 1940 and 1970, you just may have a very valuable find on your hands. The older it is, the more valuable it is. The pink Pyrex items seem to be in the highest demand.

4. Vintage Mason Jars

Image by Pixabay/RitaE

Much like Pyrex, older mason jars are far more valuable than their newer counterparts. Check the jars to make sure that you know the date when they were produced. If the jars were made during the 1800s or the early 1900s, they could be worth a sizable amount of money. Be sure to check your dates first, though!

strong>5. Jadeite Dishware

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Posted by Everything But The House – EBTH on Thursday, September 6, 2018

If this dishware is authentic, it could be worth big money. Knockoff Jadeite is common, though, so buyer beware. Take a closer look, so that you are not being fooled. Check the bottom and make sure it is produced by Fire King, McKee, or Jeannette.

We wish you the best of luck on your next thrift store run. In the meantime, enjoy yourself and happy thrifting!