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If you love coconut then you’re going to enjoy this list of amazing coconut cookies. There’s something about the sweet, slightly buttery flavor and toothy texture of coconut that just makes me smile. These coconut treats tend to get gobbled up pretty quickly at parties so I’d say they’re all winners. If coconut is one of your favorites then you’ve hit the jackpot with these cookies!

One disclaimer on these cookies is that they’re not all cookies: some are no-bake treats and others are brownies or bars. But, one thing they all have in common is that yummy coconut flavor in every single delicious bite. So without further ado, here’s the ultimate coconut cookie list.

13) Samoa Copycat Cookies

If you can never wait for Girl Scout cookie season then this is the recipe for you. And, it’s one of the easiest around with only 5 ingredients! Get the recipe here.

12) Banana Coconut Cookies

Speaking of easy these banana coconut cookies have even fewer ingredients. You can add in other optional flavors, but even without them these cookies are divine. Get the recipe here.

11) Anzac Biscuits

These cookies are named for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, a united force that fought in World War I. These sturdy coconut cookies were made for traveling as the women back home would make them and send them overseas for a taste of home on the battle front. If you enjoy a crispy cookie then these are the ones for you. Get the recipe here.

10) Coconut Praline Cookies

Ok, so these are more candy than cookie but they’re so good! They set up like pralines and are easy to make. These buttery rich treats are great for gifts, too. Get the recipe here.

9) Ginger Coconut Macaroons

The classic macaroon gets an updated twist with a bit of spicy ginger. The two flavors go so perfectly together even though you might never expect it. Get the recipe here.

8) Carolina Coconut Cookies

Some brown sugar and heaps of shredded coconut are what flavors these tender, chewy cookies. This Southern treat is simple, but oh-so-delicious. Get the recipe here.

7) Coconut Lemon Bars

Another underrated flavor combo is coconut and lemon together. These coconut lemon bars also have almonds, too, for a really scrumptious taste and texture. Find the recipe here.

6) Coconut Burfi Brownies

The famous Indian dessert comes to brownies in these coconut burfi bars. A rich and not-too-sweet brownie layer is topped with the succulent coconut layer. A drizzle of melted chocolate finishes off the whole pan nicely. Get the recipe here.

5) Coconut Jumbles

This classic British cookie packs a flavorful punch in such a tiny package. There’s a rich frosting and the finishing touch is some toasted coconut sprinkled right on top of the icing. Get the recipe here.

4) Coconut Butter Bars

Buttery, gooey, almost shortbread-like but not as dry. These bars sort of defy definition, but they’re so darn good! Get the recipe here.

3) Coconut Pecan Dream Bars

Think if blondies were coconut flavored and had nuts, too, and you have a good idea of what these golden bars are like. They’re seriously tasty and hard to eat just one. Get the recipe here.

2) Vintage Coconut Ice Bars

Remember the pic’n’mix stations they used to have at stores? Those 3 color coconut Neapolitan Sundaes were so good and these coconut “ice” bars are just like those little candies. By the way, they’re most likely named for the shape like ice cubes or ice cube trays as there’s no ice in the recipe. Get the recipe here.

1) Washboard Cookies

Washboard Cookies

These old fashioned cookies have been a favorite for generations. The simple design reminds one of the antiquated laundry washboards, but the flavor is very comforting one with lots of wonderful coconut texture. Get the recipe here.