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Uber Eats released the first teaser of its Super Bowl commercial during last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. While we were already excited enough about the appearance of the iconic Wayne’s World duo, it turns out that Cardi B will also be featured in the commercial!

This is enough for us to declare this the best commercial of 2021. How is anyone possibly going to top this trio?

The commercial is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl and focuses on the importance of supporting local restaurants. However, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are not about to use tricks and tomfoolery to convince us to do so. As you would expect, they resort to many, many gimmicks from there. This is just who they are and they cannot help themselves.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

First, they dress up baby versions of themselves in promotional T-shirts. Then, Cardi B shows up and says “eat local” right into the camera.

Photo: YouTube / Uber Eats

The silliness does not end there, either. They all come together to mimic one of the current TikTok trends, wherein users swap clothes to create hilarious videos.

Photo: YouTube / Uber Eats

Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, and Cardi B make for an unlikely trio, but here we are. Cardi, Wayne, and Garth also sing the Wayne’s World theme song at the end, so there is no shortage of awesome moments for us to enjoy. Uber Eats is also launching a $20 million Eat Local Relief Effort that is designed to support local restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic.

Photo: YouTube / Uber Eats

There will be targeted micro-donations, too, as they aim to help heal the restaurant community. “Y’all know I love to eat, and right now we have got to be supporting our local restaurants – like The Griddle Cafe in LA. So many spots are struggling right now, and it’s up to us to EAT LOCAL! That’s why I teamed up with Uber Eats and my boys Wayne & Garth to help,” says Cardi, according to Delish. What are you waiting for? The queen has spoken.