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Making someone’s day can be a very satisfying achievement. It can be as simple as offering up a genuine compliment, bringing someone a coffee, or just smiling.

That being said, sometimes it’s also nice to provide bigger gestures when possible. The point is, making someone’s day often starts with kindness and making sure that you treat someone with humanity.

Photo: TikTok/@mdmotivator

While it might seem at times like there isn’t any kindness left in the world, there comes a post on social media that reminds us there’s still some good out there. Yes, social media does have its pitfalls, but sometimes it is good for showing us uplifting and meaningful posts that make this world seem a little less dark and depressing.

One social media influencer that is bringing a little light into this world is Canadian influencer, Zachery Derniowski.

Photo: TikTok/@mdmotivator

His claim to fame online is his vocalness of mental health. In his videos, he’s quite passionate about raising awareness for mental health, as well as just trying to bring a little overall positivity to peoples’ social media feeds. As a result, he is often featuring videos about spreading kindness. As a result, he’s gained more than 10 million followers on TikTok.

In one of his videos, we can see just how uplifting his quest for positivity and kindness can be. He decided to take every single kid in a “public housing” building, and treat them to a day out at the water park.

Photo: TikTok/@mdmotivator

This was definitely not something that he had to do, but he was more than willing to make these kids’ day a brighter one.

Watch the heartwarming video down below:


“There’s a tsunami coming!!” 😮❤️ #tsunami #waterpark #waterslide #projects #hood #givingback #kindness #kindnessmatters

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