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You know the ridges on Ritz crackers? As it turns out, they can actually serve a purpose!

They function as a mini knife that lets you cut the perfect piece of cheese to go with your snack. We were today years old when we learned this and we are beyond psyched to try it out. Cheese and crackers is one of our go-to snacks and TikTok user @therealnobody30 shared this amazing hack that will forever change the way we do it.

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RITZ Crackers with _______ is the best combo. Emojis only ⬇️ . . 📸: @courtneyssweets . . . #LifesRich #RITZCrackers #RITZCracker #snacks #foodies #eeeeeats #crackersandcheese

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While we’re certainly stoked to try it out, the comments on this post are filled with mixed reactions.

As it turns out, the critics are upset because the hack does not work very well if you are cutting from an actual block of cheese. This should have been obvious to anyone who was watching, but there are always “those people.”


LiFe hACk #lifehack #foodhack #lgbtq

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As long as you have the right amount of pre-sliced cheese on hand, this hack is a golden ticket to snacking enjoyment.

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