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When this woman decided that they were going to buy themselves a treat for their birthday, they never could have expected what would happen next.

The cake that they selected did not work out as planned at all. Ashleigh Freeman is now the subject of what has been dubbed #CakeGate. When the cake was not up to par, Ashleigh decided to post about it in a now-private Facebook post.

Photo: TikTok/@dailyblastlive

The baker who was responsible for the cake decided they were going to strike back. This heated exchange has now been quite the topic of discussion on TikTok. Kylie Allen, the owner of West Virginia bakery Kylie Kakes Dessert Bar & Cafe, is the one who is evidently responsible for the cake. She told Ashleigh that she would create her signature rainbow cake for her special day.

Freeman agreed to pay $75 for the cake and all seemed to be well from there. How did things end up going so far off of the rails? When Ashleigh received the cake, she found that it was nothing like what she had seen in the photos that were originally shared. Ashleigh was not about to accept this cake without having something to say about it.

Photo: TikTok/@kylieraeallen
Photo: TikTok/@kylieraeallen

For that price, we can fully understand where she is coming from. “I was expecting it to look like a professional grade cake with even layers, clean edges and legible handwriting,” she shared. This all sounds reasonable to us. The sprinkles were uneven, the buttercream was applied in the most heavy-handed manner possible and the writing is awful to look at.

“Happy Birthday Trilby” was scrawled in such a rushed fashion, you would think that a small child was responsible.


A baker in West Virginia is under fire over a dispute she had with a dissatisfied customer, now known as ‘cake-gate.’ It all started when the baker posted a video on TikTok, blasting the client who was charged $84 for a six-layer rainbow cake that was covered in sprinkles. The baker said all her rainbow cakes have sprinkles, adding she doesn’t place the sprinkles on individually so each cake might look different. The customer then posted the actual cake, and the comments were savage. Some people called the cake ‘sloppy’ and others called it ‘garbage.’ The baker responded to the haters by posting another video on TikTok. DBL’s Erica Cobb says this cake is sub-par. #cakegate #cake #sprinklecake #drama #tiktok #westvirginia #bakery

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Meanwhile, Kylie decided to strike back in a TikTok video and claimed that Ashleigh was one of the worst customers that she ever had. “Upon arrival, she seemed to be really surprised that the cake was covered in sprinkles,” Allen said. W”e explained to her that all of her signature rainbow cakes are decorated this way and covered in sprinkles.”

“She then got super defensive and very rude about the price of the cake, although this is exactly how we decorate all of our rainbow cakes,” Kylie continued.


Worst client experinece so far 😅 #cake #cakes #cakedecorating #cakedecorator #rainbowcake #fypシ #fyp #sprinkles #cakesoftiktok #karen #badclient

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The comment section seemed to have Ashleigh’s back, though. Kylie has continued to go on the defensive but it has not helped. Lots of people have spoken out against her, saying that they would never buy a cake from her. Where do you stand on #CakeGate? Share away, so that the debate can spread.