The Ultimate Barbecue

This ultimate BBQ feast breaks down to just $6 per person!

Steak on a grill is an opportunity for amazing flavor. Grill marks on a well-seasoned cut of beef are the ultimate in both visual and taste appeal. Seasoning the meat is a MUST, with only 2 ingredients: salt and time (not thyme). Salt the steak 45 minutes before grilling. Give the meat a good sear and transfer to indirect heat until meat is cooked to medium rare (128°F). The final result is a mouthwatering piece of steak that folks will drool over.

Medium Rare Ribeye


  • Ribeye
  • Salt


  1. Season steak with salt and let rest for 45 minutes before transferring to grill.
  2. Sear High heat, move to indirect heat. 128°F or medium-rare.