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I was coming home with my mother when suddenly a heavy rain started. We stopped in a roadside mall to wait for a bit. It was really cold, which is uncommon in the city. Inside, I noticed some people pointing at something between two plants. A dirty, soaked and malnourished little cat mas trembling.

I couldn’t leave this angel freeze to death. I asked my mother for $10 to buy a towel to dry the cat. I went to a store to get something to dry him. I took him in my hands and started drying him, while petting him soothingly.


I feared that I had arrived too late – then I heard a faint purring, the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. I looked at his little amber eyes and I realized that if I didn’t help him, nobody would. People were laughing hard at me for holding a dirty kitten like it was a baby.

At home, I set up a warm, cozy place in my room, got some food from my mother’s cats, and made a bed for him. I didn’t trust people to simply deliver him to someone else. He ate and drank some water. The next day we took him to a vet.


Malnutrition led to rickets – really watery blood. The vet had to take blood from his jugular vein. She said he couldn’t be more than 3 months old. Besides his condition, he was active, purring, and playing. There were no apparent signs of FiV or FelV.

I bought meds and special food for him. My flight was already set for the next day, and I couldn’t take him with me yet. I asked my mom to take care of him while I was out. Every week she sent me photos of the cat.


A month later, he was completely different from when I found him. He got toys, a nice transport bag and I finally brought him with me to my home in another state. Now he has 3 people pampering him, giving gifts, and caring for him. He’s becoming a happily spoiled fattie, with a family that really loves him.

Juliana Dias
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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