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When it comes to popular sports, it’s difficult to beat major league baseball. There is just something about watching a ballgame that is both relaxing and exciting at the same time. That isn’t even to mention the atmosphere at the ballpark, including some drinks and, of course, a hot dog.

Those hotdogs are a staple at any major league baseball game, and now they are trying to up the ante by hiring an “MLB Professional Food Tester.”

Photo: SnappyGoat

According to the contest page, the tester is going to be given a $500 paycheck but they will also be provided a budget so they can travel and buy food.

They will go from one major league baseball stadium to another to watch the game and enjoy some hotdogs.

Photo: flickr/Shelby L. Bell

Of course, it isn’t all about enjoying the time at the game, although that is a big part of the process. They will also have to review the hotdogs based on a number of factors, including flavor, bun quality, meat quality, and color. They even have to rate it according to value for the money they paid.

Photo: flickr/TheCulinaryGeek

They are offering the job to a hotdog super fan who is over 21 years of age and can let them know clearly through the online form why they should be hired. The submission process is open until May 2 at 9 PM Pacific Time with the winner being selected on May 5.

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