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If you happen to know a teacher, you realize how dedicated they are to their job. It seems as if they live, breathe, eat, and even sleep teaching.

It seems as if this may be a little easier, now that we have a new viral hack shared on TikTok.

Photo: PixabayTaniaRose/

Mr. Hall is a popular member of that social media platform. He is also a high school teacher that isn’t afraid to share his life with the world.

Recently, he shared a hidden bed under his desk, and his video has gone viral.

Photo: TikTok/@bettercallhall
Photo: TikTok/@bettercallhall

Mr. Hall introduced his desk bed to the world, saying: “Just a teacher enjoying his lunch break nap before the next class.”

Not only was he able to get over 10 million views to the video, but there were also many people who couldn’t stop giving their opinion, both good and bad.


I’m that teacher 😬 #teacher #highschool #teachersoftiktok #historyteacher

♬ original sound – wah

“Of course it’s a history teacher, the cool ones always are,” said one commenter.

“Every teacher needs this,” said another.

There were also those who wondered if they were ever allowed out of the classroom!

Not only did Mr. Hall enjoy the comments, but he also had a follow-up video that gave the grantor.


Reply to @bettercallhall I went full George Costanza in my classroom! #teacher #highschool #teachersoftiktok

♬ A-O-K – Tai Verdes

In that video, he talks about some of the hidden items and even admits that he built the bed himself. Maybe we could make this standard issue for all teachers.

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