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Everyone knows Target. Everyone probably loves Target, too – it’s hard not to love. The place has everything, plus an extra-big parking lot in case you need to just pull over and take a few minutes to de-stress.

And one little girl who shares our love for Target has chosen to host her birthday party at the nearby Target store.

While most kids will opt to have their birthday parties in more traditional establishments known for hosting kids’ parties, Brayden Lawrence thought outside the box. For the location of her eighth birthday party, she chose her local Target store in East Point, Georgia as the venue.

Rikki Jackson, Brayden’s aunt, told Popsugar that the little girl has been obsessed with Target for a long time. Rikki shared with the news outlet that Brayden often asks to be taken to Target just so she can walk up and down the aisles – how adorable! Given Brayden’s enjoyment of the nationwide retailer, it makes perfect sense that she’d want to have her birthday party there. Must have been convenient for her guests as well because they could just walk in, buy a gift, then join the party all in the same place!

Rikki shared some of the photos from the birthday party on Twitter and people went nuts!

The Target store’s manager, Albert, also got in on the fun by doing his best to make sure that Brayden and her friends had the best party ever. He provided all the guests with their own red shirts and walkie talkies – same as any real Target employee. In order to make it even more authentic, this kind store manager provided each party attendee with a Target name tag.

The fun didn’t stop there. A special Target scavenger hunt was set up for the kids. In addition, each party member received their own gift card in order for them to be able to pick something out as a party favor. And the birthday girl was given the honor of acting as the cashier – getting the opportunity to check her party guests through.

Refreshments were Target-themed, with some yummy birthday cake and tasty Icees.

A lot of people were inspired by the Target party idea. One Twitter user, That’s So Rave, even thought that Brayden should be featured as a spokesperson for the giant retailer:

Another Twitter user, lemon drop, wondered what we’re all thinking – is this kind of Target party only reserved for children?

I think it’s safe to say that we are all jealous of Brayden’s Target party and want one of our own. Would it be bad if next time I’m in Target I just walk in with a party hat and throw one for myself?

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