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If you are the type of person who likes to shop for clothes but you hate the process of trying things on, the TikTok account @marys.rack might be for you. Mary is here to give you a game-changing tip that will make things much easier for you going forward.

As it turns out, all you need in order to avoid these difficulties is a tape measure. We had no idea that things could be so simple but we are beyond happy to learn more about her hack.

Photo: TikTok/@marys.rack

If you do not have access to a fitting room or you are looking to get your shopping done a bit more quickly, Mary understands your struggles.

“I’m a secondhand stylist, which means I dress people for a living and I thrift a lot,” she shares in a TikTok video. “A lot of thrift stores now don’t even have dressing rooms, and that sucks,” Mary goes on to say.

Photo: Flickr/Dennis Sylvester Hurd

From there, she is seen holding up a tape measure. “All you need is a tape measure.” The tape measure is then rested around her neck.

Tape measures are so useful that she keeps one with her at all times when she is shopping for new clothes. “I’m going to teach you how to measure your bust to find a shirt that fits,” she says. Pull the tape measure around your neck, bring the ends of it together and make sure that they are the largest part of your bust. “Take that measurement,” Mary continues. “[But] don’t hold [the tape measure] too tight. You want to kind of have a little bit of slack.”

Photo: TikTok/@marys.rack

“I’m like a 44-inch bust. So cut that in two [to get] 22,” she says. That’s the number that will help you to get shirts that fit properly. “When I’m looking at shirts, all I’m going to do is measure armpit to armpit flat across the front. I want it to be at least 22. It’s that easy.”

We are already forever in her debt for this awesome tip.


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The comments were filled with appreciation and rightfully so. Mary just provided an amazingly helpful hack that is sure to benefit many.