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If you have any children of your own, you already know how heated the naming debates can get. It is really hard for parents to come up with ideas that work for all parties involved.

That’s what makes this story such a funny one. These parents are definitely thinking outside of the box but we cannot decide if that is a good thing or not as of yet.

Photo: TikTok/@claraandtrey

Clara, 19, and Trey, 21, are the expectant parents here, due with twins in December of 2022. They have been sharing a wide range of updates on their @claraandtrey TikTok account. They are getting creative with their baby naming ideas and they just might end up naming their child after the Taco Bell chain.

This is definitely not an idea that you are used to hearing about and we were taken aback ourselves. How on earth could this even be a consideration?

Photo: TikTok/@claraandtrey

“Since our last name is Bell, it would just be hilarious if our kid’s name was Taco Bell. Hopefully, Taco Bell doesn’t get bullied, though,” they shared in one of their recent posts.

As for the other baby, they came up with the name Tinker for Tinker Bell.

Photo: TikTok/@claraandtrey

Tinker Bell and Taco Bell would have one heck of a time at school. They had better start saving up all of the extra lunch money now to get ahead of the game. The viewers at home were trying their best to talk them out of it.

“Hilarious for now not when they try to get a job or be an adult,” said one. We agree 100 percent. This is a funny bit but not something that we would ever actually do. “Well they could always work at Taco Bell I’m sure,” the parents responded.


Reply to @pinkztea37 wouldn’t that be the coolest name plus we love Taco Bell and had it at our wedding

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These are not the only silly names that the parents are considered. They have also ventured the idea of naming them Carson and Arson.

Their followers were sure to chime in on that one with their own ideas. “Carson and cardaughter is better imo,” one follower said. “Other names for consideration: Blue Bell, Terry Bell, Cam Bell, Anna Bell.”


Replying to @andrea_in_motionless666 other nickname suggestions? #carsonandarson #tacoandtinker #twins #pregnancytok @bloomnu #bloomnu

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Of course, the parents are likely just trolling TikTok at this point. They shared in a more recent update that they won’t be sharing the names they officially choose for safety and privacy reasons.