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In the 1960s a new movement of folk music was sweeping the world, from England to the U.S. Acts like Peter, Paul, and Mary and The Highwaymen made folk music one of the many emerging sounds of the decade. The straightforward and harmonious melodies brought back centuries old musical traditions that stemmed from England, Ireland, and Scotland.

musical act, Chad and Jeremy, 1966
Via/ Wiki Commons

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde, the duo from England more commonly known as Chad and Jeremy, had a top ten hit in the U.S. in 1964 with the folk song “A Summer Song”. The easy, breezy song brought to mind visions of relaxing in a hammock, having a cool drink, and letting all your troubles melt in the sunshine. Perhaps because of this beautiful imagery, American crowds couldn’t get enough of this song.

The duo appeared on American Bandstand soon after to perform their hit and you can tell how much the audience appreciated them by their wild applause. See Chad and Jeremy perform this hit in the video below.

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