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How To Make A Succulent Christmas Tree

With a little creativity, you can add a spark of life to your holiday plans with these unique trees.

This year has certainly changed our lives. 2020 has been the year of the coronavirus, civil unrest, and bad news. Many of us have spent a lot of time away from our loved ones, so coming up on the festive season is a good way to turn things around. Likely, things are going to be different this year so perhaps it is time to start a new tradition.

People are now creating holiday trees for almost every holiday. Rather than having a large pine tree in your home, you can try downsizing with a succulent holiday tree.

Succulents are very popular these days, so you can see why people are so anxious to include them in your holiday plans. With a little creativity, you can add a spark of life to your holiday plans with these unique trees.

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Another reason to consider succulents is because they are sustainable. They can be grown at home and you can clean up the mess easily once the holidays have passed. Of course, a plastic tree is always something you can consider but they aren’t the most environmentally friendly at the end of their life.

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An itty bitty Succulent Christmas Tree for you! 🎄✨

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Using succulents produces a low-maintenance holiday tree. It is also just different enough to attract some attention in a good way. Mix and match the succulents you choose to add a burst of color.

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Succulents produce a minimal tree, and that is also something that is trending these days. Dress it up after you create it with lights, tinsel, or ornaments.

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I never knew succulent Christmas trees were a thing. I don’t have the time to make one this year but you better believe next year I’m all over it! These are just so beautiful. 💚 Just look at this one from @livingbunch_hire . . #succulentchristmastree #succulents #christmastree #christmastime #holiday #centerpieces #party #plants #grow #green #houseplants #earthy #wintersolstice #yuletime #flowers

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You might also want to consider using one of these trees as a centerpiece. Multiple trees can be created and used throughout the home.

To get started, gather the following materials.

1. Different types of succulents
2. A conical frame either made from foam or wire
3. Sphagnum moss
4. Succulent potting mix
5. Breathable fabric liner but it is optional

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Pre-soak the moss to make it moist. If a fabric liner is used, cover the entire cone from the inside. Stuff moist moss on the inside to fill it fully.

Fill the pot with succulent potting mix and then cut slits in the lining fabric. Begin adding larger succulents and then fill in the gaps with smaller succulents. If you use foam, just pop in the succulent directly.

This video will show you how to make one for yourself.