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We often turn to comfort food when we need a little boost or perhaps if we are just feeling down. Perhaps one of the greatest of all comfort foods is macaroni and cheese. If you happen to be someone that craves Stouffer’s mac & cheese on occasion, you may just want to consider what they have available.

You may not know this, but July 14 is national mac & cheese day. Stouffer’s has decided to take things to the next level this year by offering a new creation: Mac on Tap. That’s right, you can now have a tap that dispenses warm macaroni. The only thing Stouffer wants to know at this point is, where will they be installed?

A Stouffer spokesperson announced that Mac on Tap is a dispenser that has an internal heater to keep Stouffer’s mac & cheese warm. It isn’t designed to cook the mac & cheese, it is just to keep things at the right temperature for serving. Think of it as being like a nacho cheese dispenser but it also includes noodles when you pull the tap.

The spokesman wasn’t clear on the exact date of launch but it is slated to be released in 2020.

The designers behind this innovative device would like to get a little inspiration from those who have a true love for mac & cheese. They want to know where they should install these devices, whether it is at home, at a local burger joint, or perhaps even at gas stations and convenience stores. In order to give them your idea, post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag @Stouffers.

When speaking with TODAY, the spokesperson said that they have developed some prototypes and will install them after they get feedback from fans. They will then disclose the exact locations later.

It seems as if many people are impressed with this, including the folks from Velveeta.

Some adults are even suggesting that their children could be used as an excuse for the dispenser.

Some were wondering if it could really work.

On the other hand, there were plenty of people who loved the idea.

Mac & cheese is fantastic but having it on tap is just beyond our wildest dreams. We can hardly wait until the final word comes down as to where these will be installed.

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