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Have you ever been in an Ikea and you’ve just been having so much fun looking at everything and eating meatballs that you haven’t wanted to go home? No? Ok, must be just me then.

If you are an odd one like me who loves going to Ikea, you could be extending your stay overnight.

Photo: Pixabay/mastrminda

According to Today, in honor of World Sleep Day on the 13th of March, the Swedish furniture store will be organizing a very rare opportunity to spend the night in one of their showrooms. While this might be wonderful to hear for some, there is an unfortunate catch – the only showrooms where this will be available are the Ikea Brooklyn, or the Ikea Costa Mesa.

Today stated that the company released a press release stating that the very exclusive offer will include certain sleep-related activities, such as a silent disco and an Insomniac Lounge that features ASMR.

Photo: Pixabay/DanaTentis

If this sounds like your idea of a fun night out, then you can click here for your chance to attend. It is only open to Ikea Family Members, but you can still sign up as the membership to the loyalty program is free. Winners of the drawing will be contacted by the 24th of February. The lucky participants who are chosen get to bring one sleepover guest with them.

Even if you don’t win a spot, you can still attend the Ikea After Dark events in stores nationwide – they will be hosted from 3-9 pm on Saturday the 22nd of February. The activities provided will include yoga and meditation along with a selfie bed, and the Ikea restaurant will be providing a dinner of breakfast foods! Yum!

In addition, there will be plenty of deals going on both mattresses and bedroom furniture, so it sounds like the perfect time to go have some fun at Ikea!

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