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Dairy-free milk alternatives have become increasingly popular for various reasons. Not only are they that little bit healthier and less calorically dense than dairy milk, but some plant-based milks are also better for the environment.

One of these alternative milks that happens to be pretty good is oat milk. Oat milk is made in a pretty simple process that includes adding water to oats and then blending. There are many different brands of oat milk, but the most popular brand, Oatly, comes fortified with vitamins such as A and D.

Now, following in the oat milk trend, is Starbucks. The coffee chain made the announcement that they will be bringing out oat milk to all locations across the country. This is set to take place beginning in spring of 2021 following a trial run of oat milk across 1,300 Starbucks in the Midwest.

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While this is great news, it’s not the first time that Starbucks has been using oat milk. Since January 2018, Starbucks has been offering the wildly popular dairy milk alternative in its European stores. It has been offered within the US at select Starbucks Reserve locations since March 2019 as well. The oat milk that they will be using will come from Oatly, the Swedish oat milk producer.

Even though oat milk is now making an appearance in all their stores, the coffee chain has used other dairy milk alternatives for a while. They first introduced soy milk to their stores back in 1997. But over the years as the use plant-based milks expanded, so did the dairy milk alternatives available on Starbucks’ menu. They first brought in coconut milk to their menu in 2015 as well as almond milk in 2016.

It seems that their options are continuing to grow with oat milk which is great. What do you think? Do you drink oat milk or some other kind of dairy milk alternative? Let us know!

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