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It is their party and they will enjoy it however they want to. While this is not the wedding song that we would have chosen, this is not our special day.

The bride and groom should always be able to select the song that speaks to them the most. Everyone has a different version for the big day and we love to see them having the chance to make their dreams come true.

Photo: TikTok/@misspinkiemarie

Instead of choosing a song that everyone would expect, the bride decided that she would switch it up. After all, there are no laws that govern these things. You can walk down the aisle to any song that you want. This is your chance to put your own little spin on the day and make it your own. Other people do not have to “get it.”

It is your day! This is something that this couple kept in mind when they were in the planning process. They did not want the standard processional song and we can understand where they are coming from. There is no reason why your wedding has to unfold in the same exact manner as everyone else’s. So what did this couple end up settling on?

Photo: TikTok/@misspinkiemarie

They walked down the aisle to the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. We never would have guessed this one in a million years, no matter how many tries you gave us.

Alyssa Marie (who goes by @misspinkiemarie on TikTok) admits that there was no shortage of skepticism once the big day finally arrived.

Photo: TikTok/@misspinkiemarie

People wanted to know whether she was really going to choose this song to walk down the aisle to. She wasn’t really going to do this, right? Surely, she would think about this a bit and end up going with another song. Little did they know that she was going to stick to her guns. We are glad that she did so because it led to one of the funniest moments that we have ever seen at a wedding.

“almost a year later and still #noregrets,” she wrote in the caption to her post.


almost a year later and still noregrets 🤣💍 fypspongebob weddingdayfun brideandgroom krustykrabtrainingvideo walkingdowntheaisle

♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell


Replying to @misspinkiemarie our #jellyfishjam reception entrance for those who asked… 😎 #weddingentrances #spongebobfans #husbandandwife

♬ Stadium Rave – Spongebob Squarepants

Shout out to Alyssa for standing by her decision and sticking with the song that spoke to her the most.

You might think that we are speaking in hyperbole until you have had the chance to see this one for yourself.