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Whether the feeling is achy, tender, bitter, or burning, the symptoms of heartburn are never pleasant. Even though there are over-the-counter options, the long-term use of those remedies may not suit everyone. Luckily, there are proven and ready-to-use ways to sidestep the discomfort of heartburn.

Bake Up a Spud

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If your stomach is empty and you feel the pain crawling up your throat, eat a baked potato. The potassium in potatoes naturally coats the stomach, and its alkaline qualities quell the acids. Out of potatoes? No problem! You can eat other potassium-rich foods like bananas, beans, and yogurt.

Use and Eat Ginger

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You may think ginger is too spicy, think again. Though there still needs to be more studies, ginger has been a common medicinal cure and natural remedy for many gastrointestinal woes. Alongside its inflammatory properties, ginger contains phenols that help reduce muscle contractions. Ginger also tightens the esophageal sphincter closest to the stomach, which decreases the chances of the acid traveling up your esophagus. When using ginger for heartburn, only consume small doses of 4 grams and under, eating too much ginger can end up inflaming irritation even more.

Stop Late Night Pain

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If you find yourself waking up from the pain, opt for a fibrous, post-dinner snack. Dried fruit, pecans, or popcorn can reduce these acidic flares. As the stomach digests, the acid can creep up to the esophagus, but absorbent slow-to-digest fibers can prevent this sort of heartburn from happening.

Drink This Pain Relief

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We get skin irritations, and our go-to solution is aloe vera gel, but for heartburn? Actually yes! Just make sure to find it safe to consume decolorized, purified aloe vera juice! This liquid form of aloe is full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to help aid and reduce acidic pain.

Heartburn After Dinner?

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The common knowledge is to avoid late-night snacking, as these habits can worsen heartburn. Your trick isn’t a meal but rather a spoonful of this – raw honey. The enzymes in raw honey neutralize stomach acid, and its thick viscosity coats the irritated esophagus and stomach lining to get some well-needed healing.

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