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This is a topic that we have seen a number of debates on over the years. People often find themselves wondering if they have to wash their new clothes after they have taken them home from retail outlets.

Up until now, you probably could have talked us in either direction on this matter. @OctagonGlasses is the TikTok user who is providing us with her take on the issue.

Photo: flickr/Bella Ella Boutique

If you are anything like us, this is an absolute must-see. We need to know! The last thing that we want is to expose ourselves to any sort of unwanted disasters because we did not heed the advice of a friendly retail worker who is just trying her best to look out for us. The story that she shares is from an unnamed store, for what it is worth.

We would still have to imagine that this applies across the board, though.

Photo: TikTok/@octagonglasses

“I don’t know if this is common practice but just wanted to share,” she says at the start of the video. She offered a simple explanation that will make your blood run cold if you have ever worn clothes directly after purchasing them from a retail outlet.

According to her, it was her manager’s preference that the worker would model all of the latest collections that the store had to offer. Unfortunately for those who would end up purchasing the clothes, not all of the workers owned these looks outright. That’s why they would take the clothes directly off the rack and wear them for a whole shift and then put them back! If this sounds like something that you would much rather avoid, we are right there with you on that.

Photo: TikTok/@octagonglasses

“What ended up happening most of the time is that we would just go into the store, pick something out that wasn’t sold yet, take off the tag, put it on and work our shift,” she continues. She does acknowledge that maybe her store was a weird location.

On the other hand, this makes a lot of sense to us and we would not be shocked if a number of other stores had followed suit (or already had this practice in place). “We would work all day. We were sweating. And at the end of our shift, we would take off the clothes, put the tags back on, and then put them back into the store,” she concludes.


or maybe our store was really weird lol #clothingstore #washyourclothes #clothes #clothing #psa #storesecrets

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It’s a good reminder to always wash your clothes after bringing them home! You never know what they went through before you bought them.

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