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I wanted a chihuahua to be a companion to another small dog I have that has seizures and sight problems. I thought a friend would help her open up and get along better, and I wanted that dog to also be small so as not to threaten her.

I happened upon a sign in front of a house one day that said,“Chihuahuas – $200.” The lady showed me dozens of chihuahuas in a fence in the backyard, all long-haired. I explained that I wanted a short-haired one, and thanked her anyway.

As I was about to leave, the woman led me to a closet. I was absolutely heartbroken when I saw what was inside. She opened the door and sitting on pillow in total darkness was a white short-haired chihuahua with bedsores. She was struggling to adjust her eyes to the light and the poor baby was covered in fleas. In fact, she had a wound on her back from biting at the fleas.

The Animal Rescue Site

I picked this little white chihuahua up and she laid her head gently on my chest. I knew I couldn’t leave her there, even if she had been vicious…but she wasn’t. She was as gentle as a lamb.

She was about five years old and had been spayed because she had almost died giving birth to her last set of babies. The lady didn’t need her to breed anymore, so she had put her in the closet. For how long, I have no idea. I wish I would have gotten to her sooner, but I’m just glad I have her now.

The lady made me pay $200 for her, which I gladly did.

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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