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Have you ever dreamed about living on a private island? I have to admit, it would be nice to truly get away from it all. Even though we may have felt isolated in 2020 due to the pandemic, a little more isolation in beautiful surroundings is something that most of us would appreciate.

As it turns out, it is not only possible to live on a private island, it’s encouraged. You can rent a private island to take a vacation and bring along 10 of your closest friends. Of course, you don’t have to bring anyone if you don’t want, but many people want to share the experience of visiting Coney Island.

Most people think about Brooklyn when they think about Coney Island, but this island is hundreds of miles away. It is located within the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, in Hinton, West Virginia. If you’ve never heard of that National Park before, don’t feel bad. It was just recently added to the federally protected areas, but they have something unique to offer.

Photo: Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

The private island is available for only $332 per night. You can spend it on yourself and enjoy the time away in solitude or split it with 10 people, saving you a bunch of money. The island isn’t shared with anyone else, and when you reach the cabin and the 7 acres of land that go along with it, it will be all yours to enjoy!

The cabin is managed by The Guest House Inn, and in the video below, you really get an overview of all of the amenities that are available. Included in those amenities are the cabin with three bedrooms, a sleeping loft, a fully stocked kitchen, and one and one-half bathrooms.

Many people also appreciate Sandy Beach that is perfect for putting your feet up and watching the world go by. Of course, at this West Virginia National Park, life is going to go by just a little slower. You can access the island only by water, but there is a ferry service and rental boats available. Of course, you can always swim to the cabin, but a boat makes it a lot nicer.

Be sure to reserve your room on Airbnb.

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