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Reese’s is already a fan-favorite, but can you believe that they are providing us with an amazing Thanksgiving pie? Yes, you read that one correctly. We have been enjoying all of the Reese’s holiday treats over the years and we suspect that this one is not going to be any different.

How could anyone not love a Reese’s pie? It’s a rhetorical question, for sure. The twist that Reese’s has come up with is so simple, yet effective.

Photo: flickr/thisisbossi

The classic Peanut Butter Cup that we know and love seems to have grown a bit. The Peanut Butter Cup you know and love is no longer a mere treat. It is now a nine-inch disc with 3.4 pounds of set peanut butter and chocolate.

In case you are wondering, this is the largest size that the brand has come up with thus far. We are somewhat surprised by this revelation. What’s taken them so long? We are only half kidding here but a Reese’s peanut butter cup this size is a long-overdue development.

Photo: flickr/jamieanne

There is just one catch that we have to report. These massive pies are not going to be manufactured on a wider level and they’ve already sold out. There were only 3,000 made and fans flocked to get them.

The pies were sold the Hershey’s website for $44.99.

Hopefully they’ll bring these pies back ASAP so everyone who wants one can get a taste!

In the meantime, you can follow the Reese’s Instagram account for further updates. Maybe if enough of us comment that we want a pie, they’ll release a few more!

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