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Back in June, Avanti Frozen Foods issued a recall on their frozen shrimp. However, that recall is now being extended to packaged sushi across California as the company has concerns over potential salmonella contamination.

The Food & Drug Administration released a report on the 14 of August which shared that Mai Franchising Inc. and Genji Pacific LLC. issued the recall for packaged sushi containing Avanti shrimp.


The recall from Genji Pacific includes 1,490 packages of shrimp tempura rolls, rainbow sushi, shrimp poke bowls, and California rolls, as well as many more items. All recalled packs come with a clear lid with labels that include the product name, the ingredients, and the best by date.

The recalled sushi has been identified as those packages with the labels of “Hand-Crafted” with a date of 8/12/2021 or 8/13/2021, and those with a “Best By Date” of 8/13/2021 and 8/14/2021. All recalled packages have been sold at Whole Food Market stores throughout California.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re worried that you may have picked one up, you can check out the FDA website for the entire list of locations. At present, there have been no reported illnesses from recalled Genji Pacific sushi.

There is also a small number of sushi packages from Mai that have been part of the recall. These more than 100 packages include shrimp tempura, nigiri, shrimp mango rolls, and other products sold at Mai Sushi counters in New Leaf Community stores, as well as 67 packs of 12-piece shrimp tempura which are sold at Target stores. Similar to Genji Pacific, Mai’s sushi products are packaged in clear lid containers that have labels with the product’s name, ingredients, and best by date.

Photo: Max Pixel

Just like the others, the affected Mai sushi come in packages with a “Hand-Crafted” date of 8/12/2021 and 8/13/2021, as well as “Best By Date” of 8/13/2021 and 8/14/2021. Check out the FDA website for the entire list of locations.

Naturally, if you have purchased any of these recalled items you should immediately throw them away, or return them to the store where you bought them. There is also the option to call the company directly and ask for a full refund.

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