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These are the discoveries that we live for and we simply cannot get enough of them. This is a story that is sure to resonate with anyone who shares a bathroom with family members. There are so many downsides to this type of arrangement and we can fully understand where this Queensland woman is coming from. There are no shortage of potential perils, especially for those who have kids.

We have all dealt with kids who like to throw their clothes everywhere, as well as messy adults who do not know how to clean up after themselves either. The potential for things to spiral out of control and become very gross is so high. When this mother decided to pull up her bath mat, the horrors that she discovered were out of this world.

Photo: Pexels/Christa Grover

If she had sprinted out of the bathroom right then and there, we would have fully understood. No one should ever be subjected to this. In fact, we would not wish these types of findings on our worst enemy. This is one of the most disgusting things that we have ever seen in a bathroom. There was an awful-looking substance under the mat, with a grey coloration.

In addition to this bit of nastiness, there were what appeared to be worms! The woman, Karyina, took to Facebook to share about the discovery. She posted in the group, “Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia,” with photos of the matt.

Photo: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

Of course, we are happy to inform you that these are not worms and that there is a good explanation for this. As it turns out, no one’s messiness was to blame here. It was her heated bathroom floors that served as the culprit for this nauseating find.

These are not worms, they are actually strings from the bath mat fabric that melted away because of the heat that was emanating from the flooring. “How do you deal with this?” she asked in a Facebook group. “Did anyone else freak out thinking it was worms of some sort?!” asked one viewer. This left her with quite the quandary. How would she remove these strings without messing up her tiles?

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

A few different suggestions were offered. “I had a bath mat do that once. My tiles were old though so I used a scraper and I think eucalyptus oil” one person said. “Oh no, do yourself a favor and go to Bunnings and buy GOO remover. It’s bloody amazing on anything sticky!” another chimed in.