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It doesn’t matter where or how you grew up, at one point in your childhood, you saw a stuffed animal in a claw machine game that you just had to have. You felt an immediate yearning and a need to find as many quarters as quickly as possible. If you’re like many, you probably tried, having little success, and even as an adult, there’s still some tinge of want when you see something that’s just beyond cute. Well someone harnessed their claw game skills for the good and created a heartfelt moment.

Inspired by the digging done in Panama’s Erie Canal, original claw diggers were called Diggers, where a person used a shovel to scoop up their prize, which was usually candy. Claw games are meant to be difficult, they are considered to be addictive. And it’s easy to see why it can become a fixation.

Via: Claw Craziness/YouTube

If you want something (even if it’s candy), you’ll try to go after it again and again. A lot of people had the same sentiment about claw games’ addictive qualities and banned claw games in America during the 1950s. Many manufacturers lobbied to have the restriction removed, and it eventually became legal again, but it wasn’t an easy fight.

Via: nathan.arcade/Instagram

While there are some hacks you can use to your advantage, there are just some people that are good, like really good at the claw game. This Instagram user — nathan.arcade — has a knack for these games and used his skills for good.

While eating out, he overheard the waitress talking about how much she loved a specific stuffed animal in the claw machine at the entrance of the restaurant. After finishing his meal, he went out and won the stuffed animal.

Via: nathan.arcade/Instagram

Nathan walked this pastel blue penguin stuffed animal to its new owner. The waitress was very surprised and had a big smile.

Though it was a simple gesture, getting an unexpected gift during work will lighten up anyone’s mood for the day.

To watch the full video you can click the link here.