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April’s Fools Day and Halloween are the holidays that are most commonly associated with high-quality pranks. However, the Thanksgiving prank that these parents pulled on their kids may just compete. The best part is that it’s super easy to do to your kids, too!

To get started, buy a turkey and a Cornish game hen.

From there, you’ll have to stuff the Cornish game hen inside of the turkey.

Photo: YouTube /
Christine Nelson

Once you have achieved this easy step, it is time to round up your loved ones. Ask them if they would like to carve the turkey themselves. If your kids are like the ones in this video, the reactions are going to be priceless when they discover the turkey is “pregnant.”

On they discover it’s “pregnant” and you watch their reactions (maybe bust out the camera for that one!) you can remind them that turkeys lay eggs. You don’t want to spoil Thanksgiving dinner for the family, so it’s totally fine to explain the prank after the fact.

Watch the prank in action and the hilarious reactions in the video below: