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There are a lot of crazy sights one might see at night after midnight, but one thing that no one would expect to see out on the street at three in the morning is a toddler!

However, that is exactly what a pizza delivery driver saw when he was delivering a pizza at 3:00 am in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Needless to say, he definitely was shocked and knew he had to do something quickly.

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

The delivery driver was Gabe Botello, who was working for Villa Pizza when he spotted a young child outside in the cold at 3:00 am.

As Gabe shared with FOX 17, “I had people’s food, so I ran to the door and I gave them their food. I went back looking for her [and] I didn’t find her, so I got in my car, I drove around for a minute. I didn’t find her [so] I started pulling into parking lots.”

After searching, he managed to spot the little girl across the street in a factory, hiding between two cement blocks. The little girl was curled up, wearing nothing on her except a pair of socks, a diaper, and her t-shirt. As soon as Gabe got a jacket on her, he called 911.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 17 WXMI

He said, “I had some water in my car, so she was drinking some water and I was just kind of like rubbing her back, letting her know she was okay and she started falling asleep. She was so just like exhausted and cold.”

The police showed up and were able to reunite the 3-year-old girl with her mother. Her mom was actually completely surprised, as she had no idea her daughter was missing and thought she was asleep in her room. According to FOX 17, the Grand Rapids Police Department said it is believed that the toddler getting out was entirely an accident, though they still don’t know how she escaped or for how long she’d been wandering around by herself outside.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 17 WXMI

Regardless, Gabe was happy that he could be of assistance, being in the right place at the right time to help the child.

He added, “Sometimes you want to turn a blind eye but, you just never know [who] you’re saving. Anybody could have picked up that little girl. In the middle of Ionia and Wealthy is not the best part of Grand Rapids, there’s a lot of foot traffic over there, so, you know, I’m just glad she made it home. I’m glad she’s okay.”

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