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If you have ever designed your own gallery wall, it may seem simple enough. However, the simplicity all seems to go out the window once it is time to actually hang said pictures.

Once it is time for the actual picture hanging part, you’ll want to avoid “eyeballing” where the nails should go or you’ll end up with a bunch of holes in your wall.

Photo: TikTok/aliyarinaldi

TikTok is here to help out with this, though, and they have a genius hack to get the nail right the first time. Aliya Rinaldi got the trick from her mother, who happens to have a sizable amount of expertise in this regard.

“So, this is a life hack from my mom, who’s an interior designer,” says Aliya in her voice-over. As it turns out, you can hang a picture perfectly straight using one simple household item: toothpaste.

Photo: flickr/William Warby

Take a dab of toothpaste, put it on the back of the frame, and make sure it’s on the part where the hanging hardware and the nail will meet. The toothpaste will serve as a stamp.

Place the frame on the desired spot lightly and there should be a small toothpaste spot on the wall that still remains.

Photo: TikTok/aliyarinaldi

Hammer the nail into this spot, wipe away any excess toothpaste, and you are all set!

Photo: TikTok/aliyarinaldi

“Hang your photo up and it’ll be exactly where you want it to be every single time,” says Aliya. Kudos to her for this awesome hack and be sure to let us know how your gallery wall comes out!


This life hack will change how you hang picture frames! Promise!! #coolmomsoftiktok #lifehack #interiordesign #gallerywall

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