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In recent months, Pepsi has shown off quite the creative flair when it comes to new flavor combinations. In November, the company released its Pepsi Apple Pie in order to coincide with Thanksgiving. More recently, Pepsi decided to celebrate wintertime with a very festive flavor: hot cocoa.

The new flavor from Pepsi combines the classic flavor of hot cocoa with a minor hint of marshmallow. It sounds like the type of soda that would be perfect for going into an ice cream float – assuming you can handle that amount of sweetness.

The newest flavor is the latest idea to come out of Pepsi’s Test Kitchen. While the initial amount of the soda was rather limited, Pepsi tweeted on the 17th of December that they would be making it more widely available if their tweet reached 2,021 retweets. As you can guess, the number is in honor of the upcoming year, which will hopefully be much better than the one we’ve had.

Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, released a statement according to Yahoo! that said, “There is nothing more classic than hot cocoa on a winter day, but this year has been anything but typical. So why not bring together the delicious taste of a Pepsi with the delicious, wintery taste of chocolate and marshmallow and bring some unexpected joy to our fans this seasons? We are confident we nailed Pepsi ‘Cocoa’ Cola and can’t wait to get this in the hands of cola fans this winter.”

Regardless of how you might feel about the flavor, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing it this winter. After all, the tweet already received over 5,000 retweets. What do you think of the flavor? Will you be trying it? Let us know!

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