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If you have eaten at a fast-food restaurant at any point within the past few months, you have probably noticed that they all have their own chicken sandwiches now.

Panda Express has seen the chicken sandwich arms race unfold and has decided to join in with an orange chicken sandwich. While they are not the first restaurant that we would expect to get involved here, we are happy to see their presence, that is for sure.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Anyone who truly loves Panda Express is probably well aware of the timeless orange chicken dish that they have to offer. This dish, which is of Hunanese origin, is typically served over a bed of rice.

Obviously, certain changes would have to be made to fit a sandwich, but the classic flavor is still present.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The sandwich starts with a delicious breaded and fried white meat chicken breast cutlet. From there, things only get more awesome.

The sandwiches are smothered in the chain’s always beloved Orange Chicken sauce. This sauce has also been paired with a spicy sauce and thick-cut pickles. Shredded cabbage is added and the sandwiches are even served on a sweet King’s Hawaiian bun.

The sandwiches can be purchased for $5.95.

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Of course, there is one catch that we have to offer up. The sandwiches are not going to be made available at every Panda Express location right off the bat. You will need to visit the Innovation Kitchen, which is located in Pasadena, California if you would like to try one out for yourself. The rollout begins on September 16 and you’ll have four weeks to stop by.

We are unaware as to whether the sandwich will be added to the menu full-time once it has been released. If we had to guess, we are willing to bet that it will be added if the demand is high enough. The feedback that the Innovation Kitchen visitors provide will play a major role in the decision, we are sure of that.

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