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If you happen to reside in an older home, you have probably noticed that there a few small differences. It’s nothing major but there are certain subtleties. For example, you have probably noticed that the home makes some settling noises at night. Some of the fixtures could appear to be a bit outdated. When it comes to our favorite quirks of older homes, the random tile walls rank pretty high.

We love that they still pop up occasionally, but there are some who may want to live differently. That’s totally understandable. Have you ever seen what happens when someone decides to paint over this tile? If not, this is your chance to take a closer look. It is sure to be worth your while, especially if you are the type of person with a hankering for some home improvement.

Photo: YouTube / Ultimate Handyman

Some people see their homes as they are and accept them. Others are willing to take the time to research all of the amazing hacks that this world has to offer. When your tiles are looking worn out and ridden with grime, the Ultimate Handyman is on hand to show you how to make them looking brand new again.

Getting it done right the first time should be the most important thing of all. These sorts of projects require a steady hand. The technique demonstrated in the video below isn’t going to make those unwanted tiles disappear for good, but there is nothing wrong with giving it a try. The method you’re about to see is safe, unobtrusive, and will have your tiles looking so fresh and so clean!

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