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There are certain food combinations that make us wonder about people’s level of sanity. That’s not to say that we are judging anyone but we do not even know how people come up with this type of stuff in the first place.

When it comes to Oreos, the options seem to be pretty straightforward. What kind of monster needs to be pairing them with anything but milk?

Photo: Pixabay/lorimalhiot

Apparently, there is a whole netherworld on social media where people are combining their Oreos with salsa. It’s a real thing and we wish that we had never learned of it.

While some people swear by it, others are not so sure…to say the very least.

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Like most of us would have assumed, some are saying that Oreos are much better dunked in milk.

As for those who are still intrigued, there is one way to go about this. The proponents of this snack claim that there is a certain way to do it. Apparently, you are supposed to buy a pack of Oreos, remove the middle row, and pour salsa there.

This is not something that we plan on doing ourselves but anyone who decides that they are going to do it is more than welcome to sound off about their experience.

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There are certain things where we are more than willing to take other peoples’ word for it. We felt the same way about the TikTok trend where people were putting mustard on their watermelon.

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