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People on TikTok are always sharing new and interesting food hacks and some of them catch on. One of the more recent food trends on the app is eating watermelon with mustard.

It doesn’t sound like the most appetizing combination in the world. But, like they say, don’t knock it til’ you try it.

Photo: TikkTok/lizzo

Thanks to the Internet, we don’t all have to try things anymore to know if they’re good. It’s pretty easy to get a gauge of how something is based on other people’s reactions.

When it comes to the mustard on watermelon trend, who better to try it than self-proclaimed foodie, Lizzo.

The singer and songwriter is also known for her love of food. Even her Instagram handle proclaims her appreciation for food, @Lizzobeeating (“Lizzo be eating”).

Photo: flickr/Raph_PH

She saw the original clip of mustard on watermelon shared by TikTok user @yayayayumm. He shares a lot of strange-sounding food combinations, and some of them might be good but others are meant to be satire. For instance, in one video, he raves about eating strawberries with soy sauce and wasabi, and he pops the whole berry into his mouth without even removing the leaves from the stem.

It seems many people took the mustard and watermelon video seriously and Lizzo was one of them. She recorded herself trying the combination and her reaction says everything.

Photo: TikkTok/lizzo

She starts the clip by slicing the watermelon into wedges and then pulls out the mustard. She says, “Welcome to ‘Is it bussin’ or is it disgusting? Just kidding, I just made that up.”

“Alright, I’ve been seeing this s–t on the internet,” she says as she adds the mustard. She takes a big bite and looks a little disgusted and confused. Then she takes another bite and another!

Photo: TikkTok/lizzo

While she doesn’t downright say she didn’t like the combination, her facial expressions say it all. In the caption she wrote, “Ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin.”

I think it’s safe to say this won’t be a trend to last long. Watch the video below:


#stitch with @yayayayummy ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin 🤭

♬ original sound – lizzo

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