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Those who love Olive Garden now have a reason to celebrate: The Never Ending Pasta Pass is back again for the fifth year.

But it’s a little different than in past years. In addition to 24,000 winners receiving 9 weeks of unlimited pasta, soup, salad and breadsticks for $100 plus tax, there will be a chance for another 50 to buy the Lifetime Pasta Pass for an additional $400 (plus tax).

Photo: Olive Garden

That means enjoying Olive Garden pasta, soup, salad and breadsticks for the rest of your life.

Executive Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Arguello released a statement to the press saying, “Olive Garden has always been known for Italian Generosity and making everyone feel like family, which is why we introduced our Pasta Pass five years ago. With the introduction of our new Lifetime Pasta Pass, we’re excited to be a part of our biggest fans’ memories around the table for years to come.”

If you are interested and can’t wait, here is info on how it works. On Thursday, August 15 at 1:55 p.m. ET, customers can visit in order to enter the waiting room. From there, the sale will officially begin at 2 p.m. ET. This means that if you’re one of the lucky first 50 to purchase the Never Ending Pasta Pass, you’ll receive an email from Olive Garden that contains the option to purchase their Lifetime Past Pass. For those 50 who do win, they will have 48 hours to reply to the email and confirm their purchase.

The winners of the Lifetime Pasta Passes will be able to use them any day of the year except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day when all Olive Garden restaurants are closed. Olive Garden has estimated that the lifetime pass will be paid off in full by the time a person consumes their 45th bowl of pasta.

Olive Garden has seen wild success ever since introducing their Never Ending Pasta promotion. The chain’s parent company is Darden Restaurants, and Darden has been experiencing very strong same-store sales momentum throughout its Olive Garden stores, no doubt thanks to the management’s enduring commitment to value. Promotions such as the Never Ending Pasta Pass have helped the chain restaurant stay competitive when stacked against competitors, and as a result, their stock has increased.

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