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If you happen to be somebody that loves strawberries, you already realize that not every strawberry is created equally. Some of them are going to be sweet, and others are going to be disappointing.

Then you have the Omakase strawberries from Japan. For any true strawberry lover, they are the perfect choice because they are three times sweeter than most American strawberries. They are considered to be the sweetest in the world.

Photo: flickr/Sharon Mollerus

At one time, these strawberries were so prized that people would pay $50 per box. Fortunately, Oishii has lowered its price to $20 per package, but that is still $2.50 per berry. If you are looking for a truly sweet natural treat, however, you can head down the Whole Foods and pick up a box.

Hiroki Koga is the CEO and co-founder of Oishii. According to Yahoo!News, he moved from Japan to the United States and immediately noticed that there was a difference in the product being sold at the stores. He wanted people to have a taste of his strawberries, so he founded Oishii and got started.

Photo: flickr/Mr.TinMD

In order to grow these delicious strawberries, they have created the largest indoor vertical farm in existence. They grow the strawberries inside in a controlled environment so you are always getting that sweet treat.
Koga spoke about the vertical form technology used to grow these special strawberries on his website. He said: “Omakase means ‘I’ll leave it to the chef.’ The chef is going to use whatever is at its peak quality during that season. We call our berries Omakase Berries because our strawberries are always in season 365 days a year.”

One of the reasons why they are so sweet is because they are optimized for that very purpose. They also grow them for longevity so they survive the transportation to the United States and other lands.

Photo: StockSnap/ Suzy Hazelwood

The vertical farming system also makes a difference. They are grown indoors without any sunlight, but there are LED lights that provide what the strawberries need.

Koga says: “The beauty of the technology is that you can produce these fruits anywhere around the world without being impacted by outdoor weather conditions.”

At $2.50 per strawberry, they want to ensure that each and every berry is perfect when it arrives. This makes them a prize for anyone who loves strawberries, as well as some of the best chefs in the world who seek out the strawberries for their recipes.