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A woman named Syd was excited to move into her new apartment. Like many others, she purchased a neon sign to decorate her new space, unaware of the dangers.

Syd, who goes by username @sydsacks on TikTok, issued a warning on TikTok after her neon sign, which read, “Let’s stay home,” started an apartment fire just hours after hanging it up.

Photo: TikTok/sydsacks

“Apartment burnt down after 14 hours of being moved in!” she wrote in the caption.

She posted another clip, shared below, that showed all of the damage that was caused by her sign. The wall was totally ruined and burnt, and dark black spots covered the ceiling.

Photo: TikTok/sydsacks
Photo: TikTok/sydsacks

The sign, which was purchased from a large seller on Etsy, reportedly got too hot and caught fire after only an hour of being on. After it caught fire, it fell onto the couch and caught the couch on fire, starting an even bigger blaze.


I guess it was fun while it lasted rip #FriendsReunion #ConjuringHorror #FYP

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In a series of follow-up clips, Syd explained that her apartment suffered from both fire and water damage, which ruined all of her furniture and parts of the apartment. She did note that she has renters insurance and is incredibly grateful for that. While she waits to get back into her apartment, she’s living with her parents.

While neon signs are trendy, be very cautious about who you purchase from and never leave them on unattended!

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