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I had say goodbye to my sweet boy yesterday and let him go over the rainbow bridge. You can run, explore and sniff now to your hearts content! I know you are pain free and can run like the wind again.

Almost 5 years ago to the day, Teddy came to live with us. It was fate. I had been looking at Petfinder 6 months before. I saw Teddy’s picture and fell in love. My husband wanted a young dog, not a senior so I let it go.


Fast forward 6 months. I was at the vet and asked if he knew of anyone who was looking for a home for a Golden to be a companion to our senior Golden. One of his staff gave me the name of a lady who had a Golden she was fostering.

I called, we talked and she said she thought the Golden she had needed to be in a single pet home but she had a senior. I said I didn’t have a problem with a senior and she emailed a picture. It was the same Teddybear I fell in love with months before.


She brought Teddy out for a visit the following weekend and I knew he was home! I am so sad that it wasn’t for longer and so greatful we could make his last years happy ones.

I love you my sweet Teddybear – Fly Like The Wind!!

Lynne Zwak
Hull, GA

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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