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Mountain Dew is always providing all sorts of new and interesting options to their loyal fans. Beyond just selling soda, they also have a whole host of merchandise. Some may have purchased the recent cookbook that they provided, which allows us to add Mountain Dew to a wide range of foods that we prepare each day. Now, you can take Mountain Dew home with you in a whole new way.

They have a massive new body pillow and it looks exactly as you would have expected. The green bottle that we know and love has been transformed forever! Don’t worry, the label has been included as well. We can’t possibly oversell the body pillow from a sizing standpoint, that is for sure.

The pillow is over 4 feet tall and is 1.6 feet wide. It’s not a body pillow for anyone who is looking for something on the smaller side. “The DEW Body Pillow is a larger-than-life replica of a MTN DEW bottle, perfect for those cold, winter nights when all you need is the comfort of your MTN DEW to give you those warm, fuzzy feelings,” read the press materials, according to Delish.

We cannot wait to get our hands on one of these pillows. The colors are absolutely perfect and there is no flimsiness to this pillow at all. There is a polyester stuffing on the inside and the outside is matte polyester.

The body pillows will available for purchase on the Dew Store in March. Are you excited to get one?

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