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The Mountain Dew cult following is a massive one, isn’t it? It’s the type of soda that everyone seems to have a strong opinion about, for better or worse. Those who love the soda the most are always buying all kinds of novelty items that are based on the beverage. Whether it’s hot sauce or handmade candles, there is no shortage of items for shoppers who love Mountain Dew to take home.

The die-hard fans who need more are now able to take home a truly interesting item. There’s a Mountain Dew cookbook on the way and it is a whopping 96 pages long. The cookbook is being released to celebrate the brand’s 80th birthday. If you’re looking for more ways to use these lemon-lime drinks, this cookbook has got so many ideas! You can add some Mountain Dew to your next cocktail. Some may decide that they would like to check out the grilled cheese recipe.

It does not matter if you are an experienced chef or a complete amateur, The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes is a must-have. We had no idea that there were so many recipes that could use an infusion of Mountain Dew!

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According to a press release, each section of the cookbook is designed to fit a different mood. Readers can choose from Bada$ Breakfasts, Dippin’ with DEW, DEW Does Dinner, Satisfying Sides, Dang Good Desserts, and Liquid Legends!

If you’d like to make an entire meal out of these recipes, the option is available to you as well. Some Mountain Dew fans may even decide to make an entire day out of it. You can begin with Mountain Dew infused pancakes and go from there. A lovely Mountain Dew green salsa recipe is available for snack time. Finish the day with Mountain Dew pork chops and have Mountain Dew cupcakes for dessert.

What about those cocktails, though? We could use an adult beverage or two to get us through the day. Luckily for us, the Mountain Dew Moscow Mule looks absolutely fabulous. Anyone who could turn one of these away is not a friend of ours! All jokes aside, you are sure to find an awesome recipe or two in this amazing cookbook.

To grab a copy of your own, head to the Mountain Dew store. The cookbooks will be released the week of November 16th and will cost $30.