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There are a lot of parents that would probably be happy to drop off their child at a Taylor Swift concert and go on with their lives.

There is no problem with letting the kids have something, right? Meanwhile, there are other parents who are more than happy to attend these concerts with their daughters.

Photo: Flickr/Eva Rinaldi License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Take the mother in this story for instance. She may not know all of the words to these songs but she is willing to put in the necessary time and effort. The gambit that she came up with before taking her child to this concert was awesome. Maureen Gregory, 62, decided that she would print off all of the singer’s lyrics before the show, so that she could sing along with ease.

Her clever idea was put into action when she took her two daughters and a few other family members to the Taylor Swift concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Another concertgoer happened to see her reciting the lyrics off her sheets and once they filmed Maureen in action and shared it on TikTok, she went viral in no time at all.

Photo: TikTok/@luluuuuuu_ahmed

Some might call her crazy but we absolutely love her commitment to having a good time. While a concert can be fun regardless of whether you know the lyrics or not, there is something to be said for doing your homework. This is something that Maureen strongly believes in and we can see why. She copied and pasted all of the lyrics into a Word document and from there, they were printed off at her local Staples.

As Maureen shared with CBS, the employees were greatly amused by her decision. By the time it was all said and done, she had 81 double sided pages. She even carried a small reading light, so that she could see the lyrics in the darkened arena.

Photo: TikTok/@luluuuuuu_ahmed

“The church of Taylor Swift,” one TikTok user joked in the comments.

You can see her singing along in the video below:


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It’s an amazing watch and we give her props for this smart idea.