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It can be hard to get your kids to do what they are told. Getting little ones to follow the instructions that you have provided often feels like an impossible task, and whether you are competing with their favorite shows, electronics, or friends, it seems like there are endless distractions that are getting in the way, nowadays.

That’s why this mother is here and ready to share her foolproof method for getting her kids to do their chores. Her clever and creative tactics are truly amazing. While she was very fed up at the time, she did not react with anger. Her kitchen was trashed and the children were most certainly to blame. But, she did not allow the situation to make her lose her cool.

Photo: NeedPix

It’s hard to be a parent sometimes, isn’t it? We are always expected to remain cool, calm, and collected and it can be tough to do so when our children are pushing every button that they can possibly find. Instead of throwing her hands up and cleaning the kitchen herself, she came up with a genius idea. Before she left the house that day, the children were left with a note.

They were given a very simple proposition. If they wanted to use the household WiFi that day, they would need to send Mom a text message that proved they had cleaned the kitchen. In order to keep the children from reusing old photos of the kitchen, she asked them to place one box of crackers on the counter that is closest to the stove. What an incredible idea!

Photo: Imgur

This is truly a stroke of genius. We will be swiping this idea to use in our own home, thank you very much. The children had to be upset by what had taken place. Their mother had clearly outsmarted them and we are willing to bet that they had the kitchen cleaned as quickly as possible. The Internet can be a very powerful motivator.

What did children do before WiFi connections existed? Parents have been forced to play second fiddle to the Internet ever since it became such an integral part of our lives. Thanks to this creative mother, we now have a new trick up our sleeve when it comes time to get our little ones to do their chores. Please take a moment to share this one with all of the beleaguered parents in your life as soon as possible.