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There are a few different concerts that we would love to see that are still on our bucket list. The mother in this story got the chance to live out one of our dreams recently when she got the chance to see Elton John live.

It is not every day that you get the chance to see the Rocket Man in action and this mother was not about to let the moment pass her by.

Photo: flickr/Scarlet Sappho

The euphoria that she experiences in the clip below is infectious, isn’t it? Once the video was posted on TikTok, viewers at home were reduced to tears. There is something about this video that hits us squarely in the feels. The video was set to the musical icon’s “Bennie and the Jets” song because of course it was.

What better song could be used to soundtrack this moment of pure bliss? In the clip, Aubrey Warmouth’s mother is seen standing open-mouthed, staring intently at her favorite superstar. The joy that she is feeling here is palpable and it radiates through the screen.

Photo: TikTok/@audreywarmouth

The best part takes place when the lights change and it becomes clear that Elton himself is about to make his way out. There is no hope of her being able to keep her cool here and the scream that she lets out is absolutely hilarious.

She loves her some Elton and she does not care who knows it. The “When you take your mom to see Elton John” caption can barely do this moment justice. For those of us who have always wished that we could make our parents’ childhood dreams come true, this clip serves as a powerful moment of inspiration. We need to step our game up!

Photo: TikTok/@audreywarmouth

What’s more, Elton John actually saw the clip and replied to it! He commented, “Reactions like this is why I love doing what I do – so glad you and your mum enjoyed the show, Aubrey ❤️” How neat is that?

We cannot begin to imagine how this woman must feel after getting a comment from the man himself.

Check out the sweet moment below:


When you take you mom to see Elton John

♬ Bennie And The Jets – Remastered – Elton John