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If you are the type of person who totes a water bottle around everywhere you go, this is a very crucial story that you are going to want to pay very close attention to.

Tribe Skincare founder Kayla Houlihan is here to share her latest findings that may disturb some people. Her Frank Green reusable water bottle was the perfect companion at first. That was, until she took a closer look inside of the stainless straw and made the most startling discovery.

Photo: TikTok/@tribeskincare

There was a sizable amount of mold that she did not account for. Can you imagine how awful she must have felt to realize that she was consuming water through a straw that was that filthy?

She shared the discovery with TikTok and the video has now gotten nearly 2 million views.

Photo: TikTok/@tribeskincare

She had no idea what was going on until her sister asked her if she ever cleans the straw from the water bottle. “I’m absolutely shocked by what I’ve just seen,” the Australian woman tells everyone in the video. “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” At least she is willing to speak out about what she has experienced. Others should not have to go through this.

Since she only drinks water from the bottle, she did not think that there was anything wrong with it. However, she ended up discovering chunks of black mold buried inside.

Photo: TikTok/@tribeskincare

Of course, she is willing to admit that she did not use any common sense here. We are sure that this would not have happened had she been staying on top of her cleaning regimen.

Let’s hope that no one else makes this mistake going forward.


I would be sooo happy if this is the reason I have been sick for 3 years so I can finally get an answer and get better🤞🏻 PSA that probably everyone already knows, you have to clean the straw in your water bottle😳😳 I forgot to explain in the video, I only use my drink bottle on weekdays so maybe that’s why I don’t get sick on weekends and I have often not used it for months at a time which could be when I was feeling better?? Please note, @frankgreen_official clearly state on the their website to wash all parts of the bottle each time you use it, so this is 100% my own fault for not reading or using common sense🫣

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Even if you are just drinking water, these bottles need to be cleaned on a regular basis.