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Summer Thompson may not post on TikTok that often but one of her only posts has struck a major chord with viewers everywhere. She’s channeled her grief in a creative way, which is causing many to rally around her post. When her father passed away in July, she was struggling to process the loss. In order to get through this tragedy, Summer started a very unique project.

She began to craft a memorial blanket by using his old T-shirts. Right now, there are so many people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones because of the pandemic, and her project really resonated with so many people. “Waves of emotion making this one,” Thompson said in the caption for the video.

Photo: TikTok / summerthom

“My dad passed away in July. He was my best friend. He survived cancer and a lung transparent. Instead of getting rid of his shirts, I decided to make blankets for my mom, my sister and my half-sister,” she continued. In the clip, she documents numerous moments during the creative process, giving us a close-up view of her handiwork.

Photo: TikTok / summerthom

The T-shirts tell this dad’s whole story, down to his favorite teams, movies, and bands. The process of stitching these memories together was very tough for Summer. She broke down several times during the stitching. The finished product definitely has to be seen to be believed, though. It is one of the most beautiful things that we have ever seen, and the video has now received over 16 million views.

Photo: TikTok / summerthom

Thompson added a follow-up in the comment section as well, saying, “My one sister called me sobbing and my other sister teared up. I gave it to my mom when this video only had one ‘like.’ She started crying and telling me about each square. She slept with it last night.” Unfortunately, there were not enough shirts to make a blanket for herself.


Waves of emotions making this one #diy #rip #iloveyou #imissyou

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Summer is not concerned, as she will be using the remaining scraps to construct a teddy bear. If you would like to learn more about her process, she is more than happy to walk you through it. Summer is offering helpful tutorials and is even willing to make you one of your own on her Etsy page.

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