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For many of us it can be a struggle to resist indulgent foods. The solution that’s easiest to reduce salt and sugar intake is to simply make all your own meals. The downside is that this can take up a lot of time every night. This is the main reason why takeout is so popular: it’s just so easy. But, one couple in the UK have been meal prepping all their own meals -even burgers, pasta, and other treat foods- and have lost a significant amount of weight.

meal prep in glass containers
Via: The Meal Prep King/ GMA

John Clark started meal prepping in his teens after he noticed he was gaining weight. It’s been a way of life for him for a long time now. When the woman he was dating expressed concern over her own weight she began to join him in meal prepping and also lost a lot of weight.

Together they now show how they do their meals for the week on social media where Clark is known as the Meal Prep King. They plan on Friday, shop on Saturday, and then cook on Sunday, starting bright and early. Then their meals for the rest of the week are all taken care of.

meal prep in glass containers
Via: The Meal Prep King/ GMA

Clark says his now-fiancé, Charlotte, didn’t hit the gym to lose weight, instead they simply counted the calories for each meal ahead of time. No food was off limits, but each meal had to come in at the correct number of calories for them to lose weight.

Together the pair has lost 210 pounds between them which is no small feat.

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If you’ve done any kind of meal prepping then already know it can save you a lot of money, but if you plan it out then you can also make much healthier choices using this method.

See how they do it in the video below.

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