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As the summer is ramping up and we are preparing for more outdoor activities, we want to make sure that we have fun in the sun and stay cool in the process. Often, this means that we need ice and lots of it.

Before you schlep down to your local convenience store or perhaps to Walmart and stand in line to get some ice, why don’t you just drive through McDonald’s and pick up what you need?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This is a tip that most people don’t know, but it is one that you will love when you learn about it.

This tip was revealed by Taste of Home, and if you’ve never ordered ice from McDonald’s before, it really is a treat.

Photo: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

You can do it at the drive-through or by walking up to the counter, but don’t expect that every employee is going to know about this hack.

In some cases, you may need to ask for a manager but bags of ice are available and they are reasonably priced. In some cases, you may spend $1.50 for a bag of ice but there are other locations that will charge less than a dollar.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Considering the fact that you will spend twice as much at a convenience store or your local grocery store, it really is a bargain. When you add to it the fact that you can get ice at a drive-through, it is a win-win scenario.

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