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There’s been a lot of talk about weaponized incompetence lately, and you only have to scroll on social media for a short time to be bombarded with prime examples.

Just take @takingcareofcleaning‘s husband, for example. She hopped on TikTok to share about his mistake, but she’s taking things in strides.

Photo: TikTok/@takingcareofcleaning

In the video, she reveals that her husband is sometimes as he works in the military, but while home, he participated in cleaning up around the kitchen like most adults do.

However, he somehow managed to mess up the simple task of wiping down the outside of the fridge. “Why are men like this,” she captioned the video, which has since gone viral.

Photo: TikTok/@takingcareofcleaning

When the video starts, the wife is showing the audience her fridge. The stainless steel appliance is now absolutely covered in scratches that clearly did not get there because of her.

“Steel wood does not mean clean stainless steel,” she laughed in the caption.


Steel wood does not mean clean stainless steel 👍🏻 #marriage#funny#cleaning#homehacks#organization#momlife

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People in the comments were horrified, with many claiming he purposefully messed up the task to get out of cleaning in the future while others claimed he was just being lazy and didn’t care to pay attention close enough.

“Steel wool! He wouldn’t take it to his car so why would he take it to the fridge,” one person commented. Another added,”Ask him what would happen if he took steel wool to his car. Then ask him why he’d expect anything different to happen in this scenario.”

Photo: Flickr/David Hilowitz License: CC BY 2.0

The wife laughed it off and is simply pulling his weight along with her own in the cleaning department. It’s not the only time he’s majorly messed up with regular adult chores, like doing the laundry, so we can only imagine she wasn’t too surprised.

Where do you stand on this one? Let us know!