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After dealing with a massive pothole in the middle of a Hopewell, Virginia road for at least a year, one resident, in particular, was extremely exasperated and wanted to put an end to the nonsense.

He managed to come up with an idea that saved the day. Joshua Anderson spent a year complaining about the issue and did not get any results. Instead of continuing down that path to no avail, he decided to do something about it. He planted a tree in the hole!

Photo: Facebook/Orkidie News

That was the best idea that he could come up with, given the circumstances. We love it, though. Once the tree was planted, he took some photos of his handiwork and uploaded them to the “City Of Hopewell Issues” Facebook group. As you might have expected, the reaction was immediate. The tree was gone by the time he had gotten home from work, as the city workers took it away.

Photo: Facebook/Orkidie News

According to Orkidie News, Joshua was not going to be swayed by this. He decided to plant another tree in the hole and this time, he put some lights on it.

The message was sent. Once the photos and videos of the tree with lights on it started to go viral on social media, the city had no choice. The city finally gave up and sent workers to go ahead and fix the pothole.

Photo: Facebook/Orkidie News

It is pretty sad that it took this long but we applaud the ingenuity that Joshua has shown here. He is not someone who is going to accept anything that is dished out to him. His willingness to challenge the city to fix this issue without getting profane or being rude is awesome. He found a funny method to force their hand and deserves kudos.

“As many times as I went to ask to get it done and nothing’s been done about it. And as soon as I make a TikTok and put it on their web page with a tree in it, within 24 hours they had a crew out here fixing it,” said Anderson, according to NBC 5.

What do you think of his pothole tree idea? Let us know!